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1 a cocktail made of gin or vodka and lime juice
2 hand tool for boring holes [syn: auger, screw auger, wimble]

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(US) IPA: /ˈgɪmlət/


  1. a small screw-tipped tool for boring holes
    • 1726, Jonathan Swift, Gulliver's Travels
      The box was close on every side, with a little door for me to go in and out, and a few gimlet holes to let in air.
  2. a cocktail, usually made with gin and lime juice
    • 2001, General Hospital (TV soap opera, August 28)
      Yeah, a piece of advice -- once you're back in circulation, don't keep topping off a lady's vodka gimlet when she's not looking.

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  1. To pierce or bore holes (as if using a gimlet).

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Gimlet may refer to:
There are also a number of Eucalyptus species whose common name is Gimlet:
  • E. salubris, commonly known as Gimlet, Gimlet Gum or Silver-topped Gimlet
  • E. campaspe, commonly known as Silver Gimlet or Silver-topped Gimlet
  • E. diptera, commonly known as Bastard Gimlet, False Gimlet or Two-winged Gimlet
  • E. effusa, commonly known as Rough-barked Gimlet
  • E. spathulata, commonly known as Narrow-leaved Gimlet or Swamp Gimlet
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